2024/05/29: Jyun-Jie Liao, "Recent Progress on Marton’s Conjecture"

Jyun-Jie Liao (Cornell University)

2024/04/10: Zeyong Li, "Simple Circuit Lower Bound via Algorithm for the Range Avoidance Problem"

Zeyong Li (National University of Singapore)

2024/03/14: Huan Li, "Parallel Approximate Maximum Flow in Near-Linear Work and Polylogarithmic Depth"

Huan Li (University of Pennsylvania)

2023/12/13: Aaron Bernstein, "Near-Linear Algorithm for Negative-Weight SSSP"

Aaron Bernstein (Rutgers University)

2023/11/15: Palak Jain and Satchit Sivakumar, "The Price of Differential Privacy Under Continual Observation"

Palak Jain and Satchit Sivakumar (Boston University)

2023/11/01: Victor Reis, "The Subspace Flatness Conjecture and Faster Integer Programming"

Victor Reis (University of Washington)

2023/09/27: Hanlin Ren, "Polynomial-Time Pseudodeterministic Construction of Primes"

Hanlin Ren (University of Oxford)